Hi there! This is the part where I tell you a little about myself, a task which always seems rather awkward albeit necessary in this instance!

My name is Olivia and I am a highly experienced jewellery designer, maker and dealer based in Sydney, Australia. My mother was an antique jewellery dealer from London, so I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by amazing jewellery (and also spent a lot of time polishing silver and untangling chains!). My first official jewellery job was working for a prestigious jeweller in Sydney as the Saturday girl while I was still at school, then becoming full time once I finished school.  It was here that I learnt about jewellery production and design, as well as how to run a successful jewellery business with integrity. I was surrounded by people who really were the best in the country at their crafts, and as a result was taught how to make fine jewellery at the highest level in relation to the quality materials used and the method of manufacturing. My time here and what I was taught contributes so greatly towards how I run my own business today. 

I am a qualified gemmologist, I studied gemmology and diamond technology as soon as I finished school and left my job at the jewellery company to work at a Gem Lab. I worked as a gemmologist and diamond grader for 11 years, during which time I also completed my Forensic Science degree (because it’s always good to have a back up career choice right?). My time working at the Gem Lab was my greatest time of learning. I feel it is this experience in particular that really sets me apart. My passion for diamonds and gemstones is one based in the science, the fact I can also make this my business is a huge added huge bonus. I started making jewellery whilst I was still working at the Gem Lab and it really took off when my friends began asking me to make their engagement rings for them. My business grew very organically through recommendations and my time at the Gem Lab came to an end when I decided to take the leap into doing my own business full time!

So here I am today, 5 years later, writing about all of this on my website and feeling very grateful that my path led me here, doing what I love the most, making beautiful jewels for lovely people.

I pride myself on the quality of the pieces I make and the materials I use. I will never be one to cut corners and as such can guarantee to you that I pay the same attention to detail to every piece I make. I hope my blurb has been helpful, and should you wish to entrust me to make a piece for you please know that I would be honoured to be your jeweller!